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In-mass photochromic plastic lens

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SunsenSors by Mitsui Chemicals

Photochromic Lenses are clear lenses that darken outdoors when exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) rays. In technical terms, photochromic lenses have the capacity to change their absorption characteristics in response to radiation wavelengths, which is achieved by photochromic dye that undergoes a reversible chemical reaction when exposed to UV. SunSensors™ is patented in-mass technology for plastic photochromic lenses to mix the photochromic dye in the lens monomer, and is fully compatible with most anti-reflective (AR) and hard-coating (HC) treatments.

SunSensors™ Features

In-mass photochromic technology

In-mass photochromic technology disperses photochromic dyes throughout the lens monomer.

Middle Index

A middle index lens of 1.56 is available.

Clear Indoors and Dark Outdoors

The transmission factor of the visible range is 86% indoors, and the lens outdoors is classified as sunglass lens category 3 under AS/NZS 1067.

Choice of colors

Two colors are available: gray and brown.

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