Rapid growth in the world's population has led to severe shortages of food, making it imperative for society to reduce food loss and waste and stabilize agricultural production. Moreover, needs have been rising for safe and reliable food sources that also have less of an impact on the environment. The Mitsui Chemicals Group provides products that address these needs.

Business Vision

Social Issues and Needs

Rapid growth in the world’s population has led to severe shortages of food, making it imperative for society to reduce food loss and waste and stabilize agricultural production. Moreover, needs have been rising for safe and reliable food sources that also have less of an impact on the environment.

Business Vision

Put in place a next-generation pipeline that will serve as another cornerstone by maximizing the use of resources both within and outside the Group, accelerating new business expansion as well as overseas business development, for the sustainable growth of the Mitsui Chemicals Group.


  • A lineup of highly functional products
  • Research capabilities in designing and creating new materials; developmental capabilities rooted in collaboration with partner companies
  • Good rapport with influential customers

Opportunities & Risks

  • Increasing need for environmental contribution
  • Need for boosting food production and reducing food loss due to long-term population growth
  • An expansion in demand for packaging materials due to the development of the food processing industry and improving standards of living in Asia
  • A decrease in demand in Japan and a murky outlook for China and other emerging economies


  • Strengthening of global market cultivation by establishing a “market-ori-ented” framework
  • Emphasis on high added-value market
  • Expanding development and investment in highly functional products that can also meet niche market needs
  • Developing a lineup of next-generation core products

Strategic Product Lineups

Main Products

Coatings & Engineering Materials

Polyurethane resins, Packaging adhesive, Polyolefin resins, Coating resins, Sealants for displays

Packaging Films

Biaxially oriented polypropylene films, Cast polypropylene films, Linear low-density polyethylene film

Industrial Films & Sheets

Semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing processes films, Foam sheets, Encapsulant sheets for solar cells


Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Non-crop specialty chemicals

Highly functional sealants
Pesticides for paddy-field use

Departments and Products

Coatings & Engineering Materials Division

Industrial Materials Dept.
Polyurethane Coating Materials Dept.
  • TAKENATE™ 500
  • TAKENATE™ 600
Polyurethane Elastomers Dept.
Adhesives Dept.
Special Isocyanates Development Dept.

Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

Packaging Film Business Division
  • OP
  • A-OP
  • CP
  • T.A.F.™
  • CMPS™, T.A.F.™, ABF
  • T.U.X.™
  • ML
  • TL
  • L-Smart™
  • SPASH™
Industrial Film & Sheet Business Division
  • Separator SP-PET
  • Opulent™
  • Mitsui Masking Tape™
  • Happoto™
  • Aobeni™
  • Paulownia™Super
  • Paulownia™
  • Paulownia™Super HD
  • Paulownia™V
  • Hi-Sheet™

Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.

  • Sanlit™ / Mongarit™ products (simeconazole)
  • Metrofen™ (etofenprox)
  • MIKEBLOCK™ (dinotefuran)
  • VECTRON™ (etofenprox)
  • VERMITOL™ (etofenprox)
  • LENATOP™ (etofenprox)

Aiming for Medium- and Long-Term Growth

Growing Toward 2025

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognizes the pressing need to reduce food loss and waste, ensure food safety, and increase food production as a part of its efforts to address a variety of social issues. In addition to placing particular emphasis on high-growth and high-value-added markets, the Group will work to capture a share of burgeoning demand overseas, especially in Asia, while further expanding its business. In addition, the Group will endeavor to promote increased collaboration between business divisions and to develop core products that will provide the platform for further growth.

Coatings & Engineering Materials

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is promoting the use of CHEMIPEARL™, a particulate aqueous dispersion made of fine polyolefin particles, in the pharmaceutical packaging field. In addition, the Group is looking to take full advantage of the properties and potential of its lineup of specialty isocyanates not found in existing products in order to secure growth by cultivating high-value-added markets in such wide-ranging areas as packaging, automobiles, information appliances, apparel, and construction materials.

Functional Films & Sheets

In packaging films, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is injecting management resources into highly functional food-use fields. The Group is placing considerable weight on expanding business in Asia, which is continuing to experience economic growth, and working to capture the growing market for high-performance films. In the industrial-use films and sheets field, the Group is working to develop and introduce next-generation products, focusing on electronic materials in a timely manner while accurately monitoring customer needs.


As a part of the progressive release of next-generation agrochemicals comprising five new active ingredients that are now within the pipeline, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is looking to introduce the new herbicide cyclopyrimorate and the new insecticide broflanilide to the market around 2019. At the same time, the Group will continue its research in the agrochemicals field. Honing in on the growth markets of Asia as well as Central and South America, the Group will also work to expand the scope of existing active ingredient registrations in numerous countries while accelerating the pace of market release. Specifically, energies will be channeled toward developing new formulations of existing active ingredients based on the knowledge of local needs derived from partner companies in each country. In this manner, the Group will endeavor to expand its overseas business.

Business Model
Business Model

TOPICS - Special Feature on Strategic Products

Global Development of High-Performance Agrochemicals That Help Ensure Food Supply Stability

In fiscal 2016, although the global market is expected to expand over the long term, inclement weather conditions and an increase in distribution inventories negatively impacted Brazil and other emerging markets where growth is expected. Domestic market conditions also faltered.
Aiming for deeper market penetration, particularly in such priority areas as India and Southeast Asia, the Mitsui Chemicals Group, in addition to measures that included establishing local bases and pursuing tie-ups with local companies, focused on the development of products that match local needs, technical promotion and strengthening its overseas development.
In other areas, including the United States and Europe, the Group continued to collaborate with world-leading agrochemical manufacturers.
The Group has successively registered its leading insecticide dinotefuran and fungicide penthiopyrad in principal markets worldwide and these high-performance agrochemicals are receiving high acclaim.
Recently, pesticide resistance has become a major problem worldwide, creating a need for the development of agrochemicals that demonstrate the utmost commitment to safety and minimum environmental impact. The Group company Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc. possesses advanced agrochemical creation technology and
has a long history in the fields of molecular design, organic synthesis, and biological evaluation. By employing its unique technology to reveal the mechanisms by which agrochemicals function and to discover new active ingredients, Mitsui Chemicals Agro helps ensure food supply stability as a R&D-based agrochemical manufacturer with a global presence.

overseas development

More Functional Food Packaging and Development in Asia

The packaging materials market in Asia has considerable growth potential as living standards improve and the region develops as a food processing and export center. Keeping ahead of its rivals, for fine-tuned response to consumer needs, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has production bases in Asia for EVOLUE™, which has a 60% or so share of the market in Asia as a highly functional sealant used for the innermost layer of packaging, and for the adhesives TAKENATE™ and TAKELAC™. We are promoting business development in Asia through technical support and cross-sectional marketing.

More Functional Food Packaging and Development in Asia

Highly functional packaging meets functionality requirements through the multilayered construction of different materials. We offer a variety of material solutions to help solve problems.

Highly functional sealant: EVOLUE™ and T.U.X™

Tough, low odor, heat-sealing strength Enhance productivity by down-gauged packaging and processing suitability

Resin modifier: TAFMER™

Facilitates easy opening (Heat-seal strength control) Contributes to high-speed packaging (Low-temperature heat sealability), Enhanced impact resistance


For multilayered structures of different materials

Developing Applications for Coatings & Engineering Materials

To better meet the varied needs of consumers, we are developing a wide range of applications for products in our extensive lineup of coatings and engineering materials, including TAKENATE™, TAKELAC™, and CHEMIPEARL™, which are employed in highly functional packaging materials. The Group was the first in the world to develop the specialty isocyanates FORTIMO™ and STABiO™. These products join a lineup that includes meta-xylylene diisocyanate (XDI), a highperformance product that enjoys wide market recognition.
We are developing a wide range of applications for this lineup of specialty isocyanates as well as semiconductor products that incorporate them. All our new products create new customer value and are expected to help strengthen and expand the coatings & engineering materials business.

Developing Applications for Coatings & Engineering Materials

TOPICS - Helping to Address Social Issues

Promoting Solutions for Retaining Freshness

Food loss and food waste are major global problems. To help resolve these problems, the Group has decided to partner with the Group company Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Center in evaluating the freshness of Japanese produce exports. We are undertaking this partnership as part of our efforts to roll out food packaging materials across Asia against a backdrop of government policies promoting exports of agricultural products.
In addition to a dedicated evaluation space, the center boasts analytic equipment capable of analyzing and evaluating freshness retention. Based on current tests administered by local government offices and research organizations, the center will continue to develop new materials and products, including freshness-retaining films.

Introduction to Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ Products

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Blue ValueRose Value

Reducing GHG emissions and Solution to food problems

Leak-proof packaging contributes to safe distribution and using low temperature heat-sealing also contributes to customers’ productivity and energy-saving.

Highly functional sealant film

Rose Value

Solution to food problems

Superior insecticidal activities and favorable toxicological properties (safe for animals, etc.) contribute to a variety of applications in agricultural production.

Agrochemical insecticide  TREBON™