Global automobile production is expected to increase at an annual rate of 3%.
Against this backdrop, consumer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the market calling for lighter and safer vehicles that offer more innovative designs and greater comfort. The Mitsui Chemicals Group is drawing on its broad lineup of materials, superior technological capabilities, and outstanding product quality to deliver solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers at the earliest possible opportunity.

Business Vision

Social Issues and Needs

Concerns about global warming and awareness of environmental preservation are growing worldwide. Countries around the world are reinforcing CO2 emissions restrictions and demand for increased vehicle fuel efficiency is growing. In addition, the development of autonomous vehicles and car sharing and other changes in the environment surrounding the Mobility business are prompting
the creation of new, diversified demand, namely for ways of increasing the use of electrical components and improving comfort.

Business Vision

The Mitsui Chemicals Group defines mobility as the full range of modes of transportation for both people and things, most notably automobiles. Within the Mobility domain, the Group seeks to achieve sustainable growth in global markets by providing solutions to diversifying needs and reinforcing the competitiveness of its businesses.


  • A broad materials lineup
  • High technological capabilities and quality
  • Customer base
  • Technical support
  • Proposal capabilities based on excellence in products and technologies

Opportunities & Risks

  • Expanding need for lighter weight materials
  • Expanding needs for more safety and comfort
  • Stagnant growth in developed countries
  • Growth in emerging countries


  • To capture trend toward lighter weight for business growth
  • To capture new market needs in which ICT and automotives are integrated
  • To achieve continuous growth by capturing business in growing regions

Strategic Product Lineups

Although plastic accounts for 10% (or approximately 100 kg) of an automobile’s total weight, it comprises 70% of the 30,000 parts that comprise an automobile. The Mitsui Chemicals Group is able to meet a wide array of social needs through highly functional polymeric materials and performance compounds, fields in which the Group excels.

World-Leading Product Lineups

Global No.2,Asia No.1


PP compounds

LightweightImpact resistantDesignable

Global No.3,Asia No.2

2Interior surfaces

Olefin thermoplastic elastomers

RecyclableDesignableLow density, lightweight

Asia No.1

3Door sealing

Ethylene propylene rubber

Mitsui EPT™
Easy to processWeather and heat resistant

Global No.1

4Fuel tanks

Adhesive polyolefin

Moldable in multiple layersLightweight due to resin fuel tanks

Tie-up with The Lubrizol Corporation,
the leader in the lubricant oil industry

5Gear lubricant oil additives

Liquid polyolefinic oligomer

Improved fuel efficiencyExtended service life

New Product Development

6In-vehicle camera lenses

LightweightCompactSafe and reliable

Developing application based on materials for smartphones
Commenced mass production in FY2016

7Lithium ion battery safety material

Safe and reliableDurable

Exclusive license with Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan Working to improve performance Developing automotive applications

8Metal/resin integral molding parts

LightweightReduced production processes

Aiming for commercialization for automobiles by around 2020Integral injection molding eliminates processes using screws or welding Provides the same strength as metal parts at half the weight by combining polypropylene resin with aluminum

9Parts around engine

Heat resistanceImproved fuel efficiency

Inserted into water jacket
Commenced mass production in FY2014

10Exterior materials

Glass fiber reinforced plastics materials/Carbon fiber reinforced plastics materials, etc.
LightweightImproved fuel efficiency

Use for rear-door, hood interior panels
Commenced mass production in FY2014

Departments and Products

Aiming for Medium- and Long-Term Growth

Growing Toward 2025

Boosting production capacity for many of the Group’s products in the next business term is essential to translate current demand growth into business opportunities. Accordingly, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will steadily increase its production capacity in line with its business plan for each product. In addition to expanding and reinforcing existing businesses, energies will be channeled toward promoting the Mobility strategy across the Group as a whole. Moving forward, every effort will be made to strengthen the Group’s ability to provide its customers with optimal solutions.


The Mitsui Chemicals Group is evaluating the need to increase production capacity for both TAFMER™ and LUCANT™, which are growing globally. Led by its EPT business activities, the Group is also looking to steadily expand high-value-added businesses by introducing new differentiated products. In this regard, the Group will focus on both quantitative and qualitative expansion.

Performance Compounds

The Mitsui Chemicals Group will promptly boost production capacity to fully capture growing global demand for ADMER™ and MILASTOMER™, over the medium to long term. In addition, the Group will realize steady profit from investment in increasing production capacity in China and Japan.

Overseas PP Compounds

In FY2017, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will increase its production capacity in North America, Mexico, and India in light of the forecast upswing in demand and ensure that these investments lead to stable profit. The Group will assess the potential of establishing a direct production base in Europe as a part of efforts to strengthen its global business structure.

Performance Polymers

APEL™ enjoys a strong reputation in the optical lens application market and offers excellent optical characteristics and heat resistance. Efforts are under way to promote its use in automotive camera lenses, which are currently primarily glass. Precisely identifying growth opportunities in the ICT market, the Group will also take concrete steps to reinforce its production framework for each product.

Providing New Products and Total Solutions

In FY2016, the Mitsui Chemicals Group completed plants at a joint venture company in China and its Nagoya Factory to produce electrolyte solutions for LIBs, which are expected to see strong demand growth going forward. We are working to quickly commercialize such products and technologies as the metal resin integral technology POLYMETAC™ as well as STOBA™, which helps to prevent LIB thermal runaway as we seek to meet customer needs with a broad-ranging product lineup.
The Group also established the Mobility Development Center, a test center for introducing plastic materials for automotive parts and molding technologies for such materials, based on the outstanding mold technologies of Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd. which was acquired in 2014. By combining diverse materials, such as plastic compounds, and composite materials as well as molding technologies, we will put forward practical total solutions to better address customer needs.

Business Model
Business Model
We will realize customer and consumer value with solutions based on the actual forms and therefore closer to the customers’ needs for materials,
parts and mold technology that our Group possesses.

TOPICS - Aiming to Become the World Leader in PP Compounds

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s automotive material PP compound business ranks second globally and first in Asia. The Group has also built up a solid track record in North America and holds around 30% share in the U.S. automobile manufacturing sector.
PP compounds combine polypropylene with other polymers and additional agents to achieve functionality and performance that polypropylene alone is unable to provide. Leveraging its proven expertise in material design technologies in combination with proprietary resins, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is providing highly acclaimed high-quality PP compounds that address various customer needs.
Moreover, the Group is building a structure that is finely attuned to the global strategies of automobile manufacturers. In a bid to address customer needs in a timely manner, the Group currently maintains eight production sites and five R&D bases worldwide. The Group is progressively increasing production capacity in line with growing demand and its efforts to increase its market share. Moving forward, every effort will be made to identify markets that exhibit continued growth and to further reinforce Group operations.

PP Compounds
PP Compounds
2016 Supplier of the Year by General Motors

Advanced Composites, Inc. (hereafter, “ACP”), a subsidiary in the United States, was granted the “2016 Supplier of the Year” award by General Motors Company (hereafter, “GM”), a U.S. automotive manufacturer.
Having been awarded this honor in 2012, 2013 and 2015, ACP was given this award for the fourth time in two consecutive years.
“We have selected 118 winners from among approximately 20,000 suppliers, and these are ‘the best of best suppliers,’ so to speak. ACP contributes to our business expansion in Asia and Europe as well as in North America. I hope we can build an even better relationship with the company,” said Christopher Naegeli, GM Executive Director, Global Thermal Systems, Raw Materials Purchasing, about the granting of the award.

2016 Supplier of the Year by General Motors

TOPICS - Helping to Address Social Issues

Improved Fuel Efficiency: Making Cars Lighter with Multi-Material Components

Around the world, as environmental regulations become ever more stringent and customer needs grow more sophisticated along with the trend toward safety and greater comfort, the traditional solution proposal method focusing on a single material is becoming obsolete. Today, proposals involving multiple materials and a range of products are becoming the norm. Leveraging our current product lineup and technical capabilities, we must switch to offering multimaterial solutions, where different types of materials are combined to create optimal materials.
The Group is implementing a new business model that realizes customer value by making use of its range of multi-materials, including glass fiber reinforcements and metal resin composites, and by providing solutions combining materials and fabrication technologies at the Mobility Development Center established in April 2017.

Metal mold creation, maintenance, tests, trials, and exhibition of each type Bolstering our solution proposal capabilities
Improved Safety: Improving Driving Technology with ICT

With the rise of next-generation automobiles featuring autonomous driving support technology to meet new needs for improved safety, customers are demanding performance improvements in view and sensing cameras. Most automotive lenses are currently made of glass, but the switchover to plastic lenses is expected to gain momentum mainly because of the greater degree of design freedom offered by plastic as well as mass producibility and cost savings.
The Group is moving quickly to develop automotive applications for APEL™, which boasts a high adoption track record for use as convex imaging lenses for mobile cameras, such as those installed in smartphones. The product is a transparent optical resin (cyclo olefin copolymer) featuring high refraction and low birefringence, but lenses for automotive applications require long-term reliability. We will enhance APEL™ for use as a plastic automotive lens, ensuring top performance in the area of environmental resistance, such as to heat and humidity. This will help improve the performance of sensors and improve autonomous driving support technology.

Introduction to Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ Products

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Blue Value

Reducing GHG emissions and preserving resources

Reduce GHG emissions 13.3% by using paintless PP compound.

Bumpers and interior surfaces / PP compounds

Blue Value

Reducing GHG emissions

Reduce weight of fuel tanks 10-30% by using resin instead of metals.

Adhesive polyolefin ADMER™